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Jehovah’s Witnesses plans for stadium service in Russia blocked

Posted by Kris Roman on July 18, 2008

Prosecutors in the northeast Russian city of Murmansk said on Friday that a planned series of Jehovah’s Witnesses services in a stadium cannot go ahead, as they contravene a law on the use of sports facilities.

The statement said that according to Russian law, sports facilities cannot be used for religious purposes. The group had signed a contract with the Murmansk Central Stadium for services from July 18-20.

In May 2007, the Murmansk branch of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which has around 800 members, clashed with the local administration when authorities refused to allocate land for the construction of a religious center in a densely-populated area of the city.

The group, known in the West for persistent door-to-door evangelism, was formed in the 19th Century in the United States. It rejects deity of Jesus Christ and claims that the Christian church has corrupted the Bible. The group’s religious text is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been banned in some post-Soviet countries.


One Response to “Jehovah’s Witnesses plans for stadium service in Russia blocked”

  1. isaiah30v8 said

    I think many households in predominantly Christian Nations do not openly welcome Jehovah’s Witnesses because their door to door ministry seems designed to mislead the housholder into beleiving the same lies that Satan told in the Garden of Eden.

    If you read the following newsletter you should see the parallels to the Edenic Sin:

    They really are like Satan dressed in a nice suit and tie knocking on your door!

    No wonder so many Nations have banned them!

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