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Germany becomes Russia’s closest partner in Europe and whole world

Posted by Kris Roman on July 17, 2009

russia-germanyInterview prepared by Sergey Balmasov and Vadim Trukhachev


The ninth meeting of the Russian-German Forum, Petersburg Dialogue, which was set up eight years ago under the initiative of then-president Vladimir Putin and then-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, took place in Munich on July 14-16.

Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev and Germany’s Angela Merkel held a meeting within the scope of the forum to discuss issues of cooperation between the two countries.

Germany has become Russia’s major partner in Europe during the recent years. To which extent are the Russian-German relations strong? Pravda.Ru interviewed one of the leading German experts on Russia, an expert with the German Council for Foreign Politics, Alexander Rar.

“How would you estimate the relations between Russia and Germany?”

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The future of Europe and Russia are linked together – Putin

Posted by Kris Roman on January 15, 2009

vl-putinThere are some that do not want to see Russia and Europe working together and have tried to bring up past phobias, says Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who spoke with the German ARD channel and also discussed Ukraine’s role in the current gas crisis.

Interviewer – Hubert Seipel, ARD political analyst

Q: Those who have energy, have the power. Russia has a lot of energy, how much power does it have?

A: Power belongs to those who have brains, first and foremost. You can have whatever, but not have the means to manage it. But you are right, in today’s world energy means a lot. And it is in our interest to see Russian energy as an integral part of world energy, so that it would abide by common rules, receive appropriate income, make profit and make sure its partners’ interests are observed.
Q: It turned out that you and Russia got hit heavily because of the decision to turn off the Ukrainian gas tap.

A: I want to state right away – we are not interested in stopping deliveries to our consumers. Just think about it – why would we do it? We have long-term contracts with our European consumers. These European consumers make timely payments. Why do we commit suicide and stop the deliveries from getting there? Ukraine basically staged a gas blockade for Europe. Why? In order to get lower than market prices on our gas. After the fall of the Soviet Union, new transit countries were formed. They try to use their transitory monopoly to get preferences, to get low gas prices, first of all. Lower than the market prices.

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Analysis: Germany wants U.S. nukes out

Posted by Kris Roman on June 29, 2008

Officials from a German government party and the opposition demand that Germany should be freed from some 20 or so remaining U.S. nuclear warheads stored in military bases in the country.

The discussion was launched after an internal U.S. Air Force report found security and safety standards at most nuclear weapons storage sites in Europe fall well short of Pentagon requirements. This concerns politicians in Germany, who question the need for a nuclear deterrent within the heart of Europe.

“The nuclear weapons in Germany are a hangover of the Cold War and must disappear,” Guido Westerwelle, a senior lawmaker of the opposition Free Democrats, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. “If there are indeed security shortcomings, then we have yet another reason to remove all tactical nuclear weapons remaining in Germany.”

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Medvedev thanks Chirac for improving Franco-Russian relations

Posted by Kris Roman on June 13, 2008

President Dmitry Medvedev conferred a Russian state award on former French president Jacques Chirac on Thursday, and thanked him for his contribution to humanitarian work and to improving ties with Russia.

Medvedev led a state award ceremony in the Kremlin on Russia Day, which marks the June 12, 1990 declaration of sovereignty by the Russian Soviet Republic’s parliament, a key step toward the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Medvedev said: “I am sincerely glad to welcome Mr. Chirac to the Kremlin. His Russian Federation State Award is a recognition of his outstanding achievements in humanitarian work.”

“His enormous personal contribution to integration processes in Europe and the development of Russian-French relations is well known,” Medvedev said.

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Denmark debates Islamiс integration after embassy attack

Posted by Kris Roman on June 11, 2008

A debate is raging in Denmark over the role of Muslims in their society following last week’s suicide bomb attack near the country’s embassy in Pakistan. Six people were killed in the blast.
Denmark has been a focal point of Western-Islamic tension since cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed appeared in newspapers three years ago. The controversy heightened the debate over how much Muslim communities should try to integrate into the western societies they choose to live in.

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Germany to strengthen links with Russia and Medvedev

Posted by Kris Roman on June 4, 2008

The German politician responsible for diplomatic relations with Moscow has given another indication his country is willing to strengthen ties with Russia. Speaking ahead of the newly elected Russian President’s first visit to the EU, Andreas Shockenhoff said Germany wants to be Russia’s top foreign partner.
While Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s trip to China was seen as laying a new foundation, his upcoming visit to Germany is viewed as cementing the old.

Leaders of the two countries have always had a very good personal relationship. Helmut Kohl and Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder, they were all on the same wavelength.

But will Russia’s new leader reach similar understanding with Angela Merkel, known as Germany’s Iron Lady? Political analyst Alexander Rahr believes Merkel’s recent visit to Russia is a promising sign.

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Russia, France to discuss new Russia-EU agreement in Paris

Posted by Kris Roman on March 7, 2008

oreign and defense ministers from Russia and France are to meet in Paris on March 11 for a session of the Russian-French Council for Security Cooperation.”Among the key issues on the agenda will be the preparation for talks on signing a new long-term strategic Russia-EU agreement, replacing the current 1997 Partnership and Cooperation agreement,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said.Poland blocked negotiations for a new EU partnership agreement with Moscow because of a Russian embargo on Polish meat in November 2005, which Moscow said was over health concerns, but Warsaw called political.The 2005 meat ban was a major source of tension between the two countries under the previous conservative government in Poland. Russia resumed meat imports from Poland in December 2007.Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who visited Moscow at the beginning of February, said that Poland could soon lift its veto on EU-Russia partnership agreement talks. Warsaw has not yet done this, however.Last year, Russia and the EU extended the Partnership and Cooperation agreement by a year, and are hoping to reach a new deal by the end of 2008.All of the 27 EU’s member-states must give their approval to talks on a new agreement between the European Union and Russia.France will take over the presidency of the European Union from July 1, and Moscow has plans to discuss “further steps to ease the visa regime between Russia and the EU,” in Paris, Kamynin said.The Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, the U.S. missile shield plans in the Czech Republic and Poland, and the prospects for Russia-NATO cooperation, as well as Kosovo’s independence and the Middle East will be also on the meeting’s agenda, the diplomat added.The Russian-French Council for Security Cooperation was established on July 8, 2002 to meet the goal of enhancing bilateral cooperation in international security. The two countries’ foreign and defense ministers attend the council sessions, which are held once a year.


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