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Russia identifies body fragments of Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov

Posted by Kris Roman on June 11, 2009

Doku Umarov tsjetsj terroristThe identification of the terrorists, who were killed near the settlement of Dattykh, the Ingushetia Republic, will be impossible without the DNA expertise. Doku Umarov, a Chechen terrorist leader, is said to be among the bodies. Experts have already taken blood samples from Umarov’s close relatives for the expertise, The Kommersant newspaper wrote.

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Russian warship frees eight Iranians from pirates

Posted by Kris Roman on May 4, 2009

The Iranian embassy in Moscow has said that a Russian warship has freed eight Iranian citizens who had been seized last week along with Somali pirates.

The Iranians had been held captive for almost three months by Somali pirates when the Russian destroyer Admiral Panteleyev captured the seized vessel with 29 suspected Somali pirates last week.

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Six years on, victims of Moscow theater siege remembered

Posted by Kris Roman on October 23, 2008

nord-ost-herdenkingSix years after Chechen terrorists burst onto the stage during the Nord-Ost musical in Moscow’s Dubrovka theater, the victims of the ensuing siege were honored in the Russian capital on Thursday.

The official ceremony to commemorate the deadly conclusion of the siege will be held on Sunday, but Thursday’s anniversary was marked by people laying flowers at a monument to the victims of terrorism outside the theater building.

On October 23, 2002, about 40 terrorists took hostage an audience of around 900 people at a Dubrovka theater performance of the musical Nord-Ost. The terrorists demanded the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya.

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Russia no place to be a terrorist

Posted by Kris Roman on June 14, 2008

Since Vladimir Putin Came to Power, Russia Has Effectively Combated Terrorism

If there is a place on earth that could be deemed as “the worst place to be a terrorist,” then Russia is it, claims Carnegie Endowment’s Foreign Policy magazine. In addition to Russia, the shortlist of countries that “are definitely not the kind of places you want to get caught if you’re plotting some terrorist mayhem” is made up of France, Jordan, Egypt and Singapore.

“We looked at a range of factors, although this was by no means a scientific ranking,” explained Blake Hounshell, FP web editor and the author of the list. “What we wanted to find out was, of the states that have a terrorist problem, in which of them would you [the terrorist] least like to be operating? So, countries with effective, but sometimes brutal counterterrorism forces were considered. A place like Saudi Arabia gets ruled out because it puts so many of its detainees into ‘rehabilitation programs’ of questionable value.”

Russia was singled out particularly for its leadership’s willingness to prioritize national security over civil rights. FP cites the example of the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002, when “Russian Special Forces pumped an unknown gas into the theater’s ventilation system and then stormed the building, killing nearly all the hostage-takers along with hundreds of casualties.”

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Israeli mercenary wins reprieve in extradition case

Posted by Kris Roman on May 30, 2008

The European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) has demanded that Russia withhold the extradition of Yair Klein, who is wanted in Columbia for training terrorist groups. The Israeli special operations expert is now expected to stay in Moscow until his cased is reviewed in Strasbourg, according to Russian news website


Citing Klein’s lawyer, Dmitry Yamolsky, said Russia will not be able to proceed with the extradition until the ECHR makes its investigation into the case.

Columbia has tried Klein in absentia for training militia units in the late 1990s. He is said to have tutored terrorist groups in demolition and mine-planting techniques. The former colonel faces more than ten years in prison if handed over to Columbia.

Klein himself claims he was contracted to train Columbian farmers so that they could defend their businesses from bandits. He believes his life would be in danger if he is extradited to the Latin American country.

Yair Klein was arrested in Moscow in August, 2007. Earlier this month Russia’s Supreme Court ruled his extradition to Columbia would be lawful, rejecting an appeal by the defence.


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Strasbourg court bans Russian extradition of Israeli terrorist to Colombia

Posted by Kris Roman on May 28, 2008


The European Court of Human Rights defends Israeli terrorist !

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Russia cannot extradite to Columbia an Israeli national accused by Bogota of conspiracy in terrorism, the defendant’s lawyer said on Wednesday.

The Strasbourg court “has prohibited Russia from extraditing Yair Klein to Colombia pending the court’s further instructions,” Dmitry Yampolsky said.

Russia’s Supreme Court ruled as lawful last week the extradition of Klein, a former colonel in the Israeli army, who was sentenced by Colombian judicial authorities in 2001 to nearly 11 years in prison for training members of drug traffickers’ private armies and paramilitary groups.

The court rejected an appeal by Klein’s defense, which said the defendant was persecuted for political motives and that the five-year time limit for the sentence to be enforced had expired. Klein has said he may face torture in Colombia.

Klein, who ran a private mercenary company called Spearhead Ltd, was captured by Interpol in Moscow last August on an international arrest warrant on charges of criminal conspiracy and instruction in terrorism. Colombia’s government asked for his extradition.

Klein denied in an interview ever working with cocaine cartels, but confirmed that he did instruct far-right death squads. He said he was originally hired – with the Colombian Defense Ministry’s blessing – to organize security for the banana industry (= American capitalism) in the northern region of Uraba.

Israeli media earlier reported that Klein spent 16 months in a Sierra Leon prison between 1999 and 2000 for smuggling arms to rebels from the Revolutionary United Front (RUF).


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Russia reports over 700 ‘foreign’ nuclear tests in past 50 years

Posted by Kris Roman on May 16, 2008


Up to 730 nuclear tests have been conducted in the past 50 years by the U.S., China, France, India, and Pakistan, a Russian Defense Ministry official said on Tuesday.

Col. Gen. Vladimir Verkhovtsev, head of the Defense Ministry Special Monitoring Service, which was established 50 years ago, said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda daily that many of the tests registered by his agency had never been reported by the media.

The figures do not include nuclear tests conducted by Russia or the Soviet Union.

“Being a party to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Russia has access to data recorded by more than 320 stations belonging to the NTBT international monitoring system,” he said, adding that his service was able to register nuclear explosions with yields of 1 kiloton and upwards throughout the world.

He said one of the service’s main goals has been monitoring the implementation of international treaties banning or limiting nuclear tests.

The general said the service’s own laboratories were stationed throughout Russia, mainly in remote areas such the Upper North and the Far East.

The first test of an atomic weapon took place in New Mexico in the U.S. on July 16, 1945. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the project, and the man commonly referred to as ‘Father of the Atomic Bomb,’ later said that the line, “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” from the Indian sacred text, the Bhagavad-Gita, came to mind as the mushroom cloud produced by the weapon rose.

Test director Kenneth Bainbridge reportedly simply said, “Now we are all sons of bitches.”


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Russia to fight terrorists ideologically

Posted by Kris Roman on April 10, 2008

Federal Security Service of Russia is going to fight terrorists not only be the means of force, but also with ideological decimator.

It is well-known that foreign intelligence often uses Nongovernmental organizations (NGO) both to obtain useful information and to force concealed influence on political processes. It was a headache for the authorities to realize that terrorists use exactly the same methods.


For example, the militia of Grozny noticed a car parked in the desert area. When the militia demanded to show documents, 2 passengers exerted armed resistance and flew the coop. The third passenger, Salambek Evloev, was arrested. He had the ascertainment of the International Nongovernmental organization. In the boot there were found 2 Kalashnikov guns and 3 explosive belts. The convicted man, though, stated that his mates and he cooperated with World Vision.

Perhaps such stories are also common in the USA. At least it’s known that last year the US Parliament stated that all Nongovernmental organizations need to provide detailed information about its members “to maintain national security”. NGO need to reveal its member’ names, addresses, dates and places of birth, nationality, passport and social card number. All the data than will be transformed to FBI and also to foreign intelligence that will check whether the NGO members have anything in common with terrorists.

This problem was also widely discussed in Russia, despite NGO members’ accusations in impairment of their rights and freedoms. Nikolai Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service, stressed that Nongovernmental organizations play a big role in our life and only those NGOs that are holding illegal activities will be checked.

However, the first priority for the Russian militia is not that much of NGOs, but religious organizations.

The research made in Dagestan says that among 50 arrested Wahhabites only 1 understood he was wrong. After people are ideologically processed, they become real zombie, who is targeted to the only task he is commanded to do. The most frightening is, he considers it the main goal of his life.

So it’s not surprising that this problem was discussed at the National Antiterrorist Committee in Moscow. Mr. Patrushev stated that in Southern Federal District of Russia terrorists make everything to enroll youth into terrorists’ rows. Terrorists use economical and political problems as a way to draw the youth against the authorities and make them become terrorists. So, it’s necessary to oppose terrorism not only with armed methods, but also to suppress their ideology. “Domestic and international experience shows that terrorists can be damaged with weapon, but to destroy them completely we need to destroy their ideology”.

However, religious terrorism shouldn’t be divided from political terrorism. The history of armed conflicts in Eastern Europe shows that there took part countless soldiers from Middle East, Northern Africa, chains of foreign Islamic foundations, nongovernmental organizations that covered that spread radical Islamic ideology under the cover of religious activities.


In Kosovo, for example, a famous Saudi fund “Al- Haramein” while founding “schools of Koran research” worked in close connection with a well-organized chain of Kosovo Liberation Army. One of the main external sources of financing of Islamic organizations in Kosovo is a “Committee of Kosovo’s help in Chechnya”.

It’s probable that the Crimea will explode in the near future, where several nongovernmental religious organizations operate. For example, ‘Islam Liberation Party’, which is a moderate wing of the organization called ‘Muslim Brothers’.

By the way, the activity of one of radical religious organizations was suppressed in Ural, Russia, in 2005. The representatives of Southern Urals’s Islamic organization said that Islamic party tried to penetrate, but not as terrorists, but as oppositionists to traditional Islam. However, the risk that religious discussion will grow to jihad.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova


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Almost 200 militants killed in North Caucasus in 2007

Posted by Kris Roman on April 10, 2008

RIA Novosti


A total of 192 militants and armed gang members were killed and more than 700 arrested in anti-terrorist operations in Russia’s North Caucasus last year, a deputy interior minister said on Thursday.

A total of 17 armed criminal groups were eliminated and 28 leaders killed in the region during the year, Arkady Yedelev said.

According to police reports from March, some 103 militants have been arrested or killed in Chechnya since the start of this year.

Yedelev also said that the number of terrorist attacks had significantly reduced over the past year: “Last year 11 terrorist attacks were registered against 39 in 2006.”

The high-ranking official added that abductions in the republic had significantly reduced over the past two years, signaling a breakthrough in the situation surrounding kidnappings.

“Eighteen criminal cases were launched for the abduction of 21 people in 2007, while in 2002 845 people were abducted in Chechnya with 611 cases opened,” Yedelev said.

Although the active phase of the North Caucasus anti-terrorist campaign officially ended in 2001, periodic bombings and clashes between gunmen and federal troops still disrupt Chechnya and nearby regions, including Daghestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachayevo-Circassia.

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Russia bans Turkish Islamic sect Nurcular

Posted by Kris Roman on April 10, 2008

Russia’s Supreme Court has ruled that Turkish Islamic organization Nurcular is an extremist organization, and has banned its activities in the country.

The court granted a request by Russia’s top prosecutors.

“The Supreme Court, having considered in a closed session the Prosecutor General’s Office request to protect Russia’s interests by ruling the activities international religious organization Nurcular extremist, and to ban its activities on Russian territory, decided to grant the office’s request,” the court said.

Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Justice Ministry and Federal Security Service attended the session, but Nurcular was not represented.

The ruling can be appealed within 10 days.

According to international intelligence data, Nurcular members are connected with the Gray Wolves organization that some consider to be a terrorist group. Nurcular members include wealthy businessmen with substantial political influence in Turkey and abroad.

Russian law enforcement officers said over 20 Turkish followers of Nurcular were deported from Russia in 2002-2004.

A Moscow court ruled in May last year that translations of 14 books by Said Nursi, the sect leader, were extremist literature.

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International terrorists recruit in Russia via foreign NGOs – FSB – 2

Posted by Kris Roman on April 9, 2008

International terrorists carry out recruiting activities in Russia’s regions with the support of some foreign non-governmental organizations, the Russian Federal Security Service chief said on Tuesday.

“International terrorists and religious extremists enjoy the support of certain foreign non-governmental organizations when carrying out recruitment activities,” Nikolai Patrushev told a session of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NATC).

In late 2005, the Russian parliament passed a Kremlin-sponsored bill preventing foreign NGOs from having branch offices in the country and making Russian groups ineligible for most sources of foreign funding.

“The results of an analysis of the operational situation in the Southern Federal District bear witness to the fact that bandits and their accomplices are endeavoring to swell their ranks by brainwashing young people. Emissaries of foreign terrorist and religious extremist groups are taking advantage of existing socio-economic problems and ethnic and religious discord to carry out recruiting work in this and other Russian regions,” Patrushev added.

But NGOs are blamed for recruiting terrorists not only in Russia, but also abroad. Alexander Torshin, deputy speaker of the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian parliament, said after the NATC meeting on Tuesday:

“Foreign NGOs often become platforms for recruiting terrorists and extremists.”

He also said dozens of anti-Russian activities are carried out in Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Turkey, some other Scandinavian, and Baltic states.

Torshin, a NATC member, said another threat was coming from the Internet which is playing an increasingly important role in spreading terrorist ideology.

“While in 1998, only 12 sites supported terrorist organizations on the Internet, some estimates say that today there are 5,000-6,000 of them, including 150 Russian-language sites.”

Torshin called for a universal method to be developed to identify and shut down such websites worldwide.

The Russian government has faced criticism from Western leaders for restrictions imposed on rights groups and NGOs operating in the country, and the issue is often cited as an example of Russia’s alleged backsliding on democracy.

In January, prosecutors in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, which is part of the Southern Federal District, requested that a British NGO promoting peacekeeping and community development be closed down, saying that its accreditation had expired.

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“Whom Does Chechnya Support?”

Posted by Kris Roman on January 20, 2005

Article of Vadim Lukov, Russia’s Ambassador to Belgium,
Published in the Flemish Newspaper Tijd on January 19, 2005

The name of Akhmed Zakayev has again shown up in the pages of the Belgian press in the last few weeks. This man, calling himself Aslan Maskhadov’s envoy in Europe, had tried to arrive in Belgium for contacts with the representatives of the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, a Russian nongovernmental organization. And when this had failed, he had delivered in his newspaper interviews a stream of reproaches against the government of Belgium, and the now-traditional curses against Russian authorities.
It would seem the matter is closed. But to leave unanswered Zakayev’s claims about the situation in Chechnya and about the policy of the Russian government in this republic within the Russian Federation is impossible. Otherwise the Belgian public may form a distorted impression of what is happening in this Russian region.

On the situation in Chechnya itself

The envoy of Maskhadov in his interviews describes it briefly – a catastrophe. To believe Zakayev, about 100 Russian troops get killed in Chechnya every week, and about 200 Chechens keep on disappearing. Kidnappings of people flourish, Chechnya is occupied by a 100,000-strong group of forces, and so on.

But here are the facts. The strength of the troops and federal police units in Chechnya is 45,000 men, with the army forces proper being about 20,000. Gradually the tasks of law enforcement are being handed over to the local police, where Chechens themselves serve. They number about 15,000, and they have already acquitted themselves as a force capable of effectively suppressing terrorist bands. But, as we see, there is no 100,000-strong army in Chechnya.

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