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2 former cops detained in Israel for passing secrets to Russian-jewish tycoons

Posted by Kris Roman on July 22, 2009

berezovskyyTwo former Israeli policemen have been arrested on suspicion of transmitting secret data to a Russian-jewish oligarch, Russian newspaper Izvestia reports.

According to reports, the policemen had been working for jewish billionaire Boris Berezovsky or another so-called “Russian” businessman Mikhail Chernoy. Mikhail Chernoy or Mikhail Chorny (means “Black”)  is a Russian-born Israeli entrepreneur. He is known for his business ventures and for founding the Michael Cherney Foundation.

The former Israeli policemen Eduard Gutman and Sergey Migdal have been involved with USSR citizens over the course of their professional careers. They were engaged in data exchange and wiretapping !!! However, several months before their dismissal from the office they copied the evidence and tried to sell it.

According to Israeli reports, Sergey Migdal was hired by after his discharge Russian-jewish media tycoon Boris Berezovsky or by Mikhail Chernoy. Eduard Gutman has been collaborating with both of the businessmen.

Gutman and Migdal were arrested on July 19. Israeli police discovered top-secret data during a search of their apartments.

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