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USA Buys Russia’s Su-27 Jets From Ukraine to Find Out Why F-15 Is So Bad

Posted by Kris Roman on July 21, 2009

su27-1The Pentagon purchased two Russian-made Su-27 fighter jets from Ukraine. The United States will reportedly use the Russian jets to train effective counter-operation efforts.

The Russian jets are a serious competition for the US F-15 fighters. The jets of Russia’s renowned Sukhoi design bureau proved to be more successful than their US competitors during a number of tests. The Pentagon has been trying to obtain the Russian warplanes, and Ukraine helped the nation do it legally.

The news about the deal between the USA and the Air Force of Ukraine appeared on the US-based website The website said that Russia’s Su-27 fighters were technically similar to F-15 jets, although the Russian planes were 30 percent cheaper.

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Barack Obama punished for being too honest with Russia

Posted by Kris Roman on July 16, 2009

Former Bush administration officials are strongly displeased about Obama’s conduct during his recent visit to Moscow.

For example, ex- Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Liz Cheney criticized Obama’s speech, which he delivered to the New Economic School graduates.

“There are two different versions of the story of the end of the Cold War: the Russian version, and the truth. President Barack Obama endorsed the Russian version in Moscow,” Liz Cheney toldThe Wall Street Journal.

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Europe and USA sign major deal against Russia

Posted by Kris Roman on July 16, 2009

nabuccoThe intergovernmental agreement about the implementation of the Nabucco gas pipeline project was signed in Ankara, Turkey on July 13. The pipeline will be built bypassing Ukraine and Russia. The chairman of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, stated that the construction of the pipeline became inevitable after the agreement had been signed. As a result, Turkmenistan, which sells a lot of its gas to Ukraine, will gain direct access to European markets, which may result in a price growth on fuel for Ukraine, Europe’s second largest nation.

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Obama Committing Fraud and Treason: Multiple Grand Juries

Posted by Kris Roman on July 12, 2009

obama-63By Neil B. Turner

Obama Committing Fraud and Treason: Multiple Grand Juries

What everyone knows:

Most of America knows (beyond any reasonable doubt) that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) is not Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States (POTUS) and Commander in Chief (CinC) (per Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the U.S.).

Most of America also knows (beyond any reasonable doubt) that the members of Congress (all 535 of them), the Federal Courts, the Supreme Court, and ALL the Media (including FNC) are either ‘in the tank for’ or ‘paid off or intimidated by’ the illegitimate, criminal and Treasonous presumed President and Commander in Chief, Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) and his coterie of thugs.

Origins, history, and applicability of the citizen’s Grand Jury:

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Consider a New Ten Commandments for Nations

Posted by Kris Roman on July 11, 2009

10geboden1Moses gave us the Ten Commandments to guide our personal lives 3000 years ago. Now it is perhaps a good time to develop a Ten Commandments to guide the behavior of Nations. Given the state of the World and the damage and chaos created by George W. Bush, the Waster, we should consider an application of the universal truths of Moses to international behavior:

1) Thou shalt not kill nations

Nations must not be invaded, subjugated, dismembered or subjected to genocide. Only if there is a true and demonstrated need for self defense should one nation go to war with another.

2) Thou shalt not steal from nations

From trade “agreements” to reserve currency privileges to expensive loans, one nation must not lord its superior economic power over another.

3) Thou shalt not bear false witness against nations

Charges of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and conspiracies must be substantiated. It is too easy for a superpower to demonize a nation with its massive media technology, and to repeat over and over again its lies. The “news” of false witness must stop; it is time to tell the truth.

4) Thou shalt not take advantage of weaker nations

The strong should be helping the under-developed nations rather than gaining by their vulnerabilities.

5) Thou shalt not ignore the suffering of nations

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Russian determination to displace dollar as reserve currency unflagging

Posted by Kris Roman on July 8, 2009


Over half of the Earth’s population was represented in summit meetings in Yekaterinburg this week. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the world’s largest emerging economies, convened a summit in the Russian city simultaneously with, but separately from, the ninth Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on Tuesday, June 16. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are the permanent members of the SCO. Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Iran are SCO observer states, with Iran an applicant for full membership.

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Obama to Russia: stop Iranian nuclear weapon and US will scrap missile defence

Posted by Kris Roman on July 7, 2009

Tony Halpin in Moscow

President Obama today offered to scrap plans for a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe if Russia helped to stop Iran developing a nuclear bomb.
He appealed in Moscow for a new era of partnership between Russia and the United States to fight the spread of nuclear weapons to rogue states and terrorist groups.
“That is why we should be united in opposing North Korea’s efforts to become a nuclear power and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” he said.

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Barack Obama to stay at 13,000-dollar luxury suite at Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Posted by Kris Roman on July 4, 2009

ritz-carlton-hotel-moscowRussian and US media continue to discuss the forthcoming official visit of US President Barack Obama to Russia on July 6-8. Obama gave an exclusive interview to Itar-Tass news agency and Russia TV Channel.

In his first-ever interview for the Russia media, the US president spoke about the relations between the two countries and shared his thoughts about the Russian leaders – President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The interview will be broadcast on July 4 onRussia TV Channel.

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“US is Israel’s puppet government”

Posted by Kris Roman on July 2, 2009

The United States knows that it does not have an independent foreign policy in the Middle East, says economist Paul Craig Roberts, who calls it a puppet government of Israel when it comes to affairs in the region.

“The United States government is not prepared to call the Israelis accountable to international law. The United States government was obviously prepared to accept an act of piracy by the Israelis. And the United States protects Israel from the international community, from the United Nations. The United States, which talks about human rights, never delivers when it comes to the Middle East,” Roberts told RT.

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“US is not intending to threaten Russia in any way” – US top military officia

Posted by Kris Roman on June 30, 2009

Anti-Russian Lobby and American Foreign

The US is reviewing its plans for the AMD shield in Eastern Europe, says Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen in his interview to RT.

M.M.: I am glad to be with you.RT: Chairman Michael Mullen thanks very much for being with us today.

RT: Do you think we can have an agreement on nuclear arms reduction to be signed by the two presidents while you are here?

M.M.: Well, the upcoming summit is a really critical meeting, obviously. The intent is to certainly reach that kind of agreement. It’s really up to the two presidents to make the final decision and to sign it. But I am encouraged by the progress that I am aware of from the negotiations viewpoint. I think it’s a very important undertaking.

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Analysis: U.S. unprepared for nuke attack

Posted by Kris Roman on June 29, 2009

by Shannon Bond

Federal officials responsible for coping with the aftermath of a possible nuclear attack in the United States are not fully confident of the government’s readiness to deal with such a disaster, they told a Senate hearing Thursday.

“A nuclear event is exponentially more challenging than anything else,” Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul McHale told the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

McHale rated the government’s preparation level at five on a scale of one to 10, in response to a question from committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn.

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Stratfor unveils another spooky story of Russia’s imminent supremacy in Europe

Posted by Kris Roman on June 27, 2009

Ivan Tulyakov

There is no such notion as a former intelligence officer. An intelligence officer always remains an intelligence officer. This notion becomes particularly clear when you read the so-called “analyses” from the US Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting) agency. The agency collects information to look into the future of various regions of the globe. Stratfor’s founding father, George Friedman, is a former professor of geopolitics.

The agency’s products – forecasts and predictions – are especially important for companies involved in global trade. Stratfor does not expose the names of its clients – it only says that it cooperates with both large corporations and private individuals.

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USA does not have a vestige of respect for Russia

Posted by Kris Roman on June 23, 2009

Don’t MisbehaveSergey Balmasov

It looks like the United States is going to stay in Kyrgyzstan to Russia’s great disappointment. The government of the former Soviet nation in Central Asia has changed its mind about the withdrawal of US troops from the airbase at Manas Airport.

The dispute about the fate of the US airbase at Kyrgyzstan’s Manas, which plays a very important role in terms of maintaining NATO troops in Afghanistan, continues. The government of the Asian nation previously decided to close the base and passed the adequate law on April 2 of this year.

However, it transpired yesterday that the US troops are not going anywhere. They will keep the base if it is going to be used solely for the delivery of cargoes to Afghanistan. The governments of Turkey and Afghanistan addressed to Kyrgyzstan with a suggestion, which the poor nation could not decline: a billion dollars of investments in the country’s economy in return to the promise to keep the Manas base.

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The danger of nuclear war is drawing near

Posted by Kris Roman on June 15, 2009

North Korea, which threatens to unleash the war against the United States and its allies, probably prepares several new nuclear explosions. Two or three nuclear objects may appear in the north-west of North Korea, where the previous nuclear test was carried out, South Korean Yonhap news agency reported with reference to intelligence sources.

For the time being, there is no evidence to prove that the nation is working on a new explosion, sources say. Official spokespeople for US special services said that North Korea intended to respond with a third nuclear blast to UN’s new sanctions. Pyongyang conducted its second nuclear test on May 25, which made the UN Security Council toughen sanctions against the country on June 12.

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Russia Rejects the Notion of a Joint Missile System in Europe

Posted by Kris Roman on June 11, 2009

New York Times

Michael Schwirtz contributed reporting from Moscow.

Responding to remarks by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, a top Russian diplomat said Thursday that Russia would not collaborate with the United States on missile defense unless Washington scrapped plans to deploy elements of the shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

“We cannot partner in the creation of objects whose goal is to oppose the strategic deterrent forces of the Russian Federation,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Andrei A. Nesterenko. “No one will do something that harms himself.”

“Only the United States’ rejection of plans to base in Europe the so-called third position area of the missile-defense shield could mark the beginning of a full-fledged dialogue on the question of cooperation and reaction to likely missile risk,” Mr. Nesterenko said. He added that Russia expected “it will be possible to find a common denominator.”

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USA may eventually aim its interceptor missiles against itself

Posted by Kris Roman on April 25, 2009

missile-16The United States harbors plans to create the fourth and the fifth missile deployment areas, which may seriously change the balance of forces in the world. It is quite possible that USA’s missile defense objects will be aimed against itself in the long run, taking into consideration the current state of affairs when America is losing its international influence.


Albania set out its readiness to give green light to USA’s missile defense system. Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that if the USA does not succeed in the deployment of its missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, Albania would be ready to provide such an opportunity instead.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, previously stated that the United States was not going to stop with the establishment of the third missile deployment area (in Poland and the Czech Republic). “We have received neither a precise answer, nor a rejection to our questions about the possible establishment of the fourth and the fifth deployment areas of the United States,” he said.

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U.S. retargets nuclear missiles to 12 Russian economic facilities

Posted by Kris Roman on April 15, 2009

nuclear_missileThe USA is developing a new nuclear doctrine. American experts believe that today’s system of U.S. nuclear forces is out of date. Now they are going to change nuclear targets on the territory of Russian federation. The U.S. is going to retarget their nuclear missiles from large Russian cities to 12 most important Russian economic facilities. According to the U.S. experts destruction of these facilities will paralyze Russia’s economy and Russia will not be able to maintain military resistance.


This information was provided in the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report calling for fundamental changes to U.S. nuclear war planning, a vital prerequisite if smaller nuclear arsenals are to be achieved.

“From Counterforce to Minimal Deterrence – A New Nuclear Policy on the Path Toward Eliminating Nuclear Weapons” calls to abandon the almost five-decade-long central mission for U.S. nuclear forces, which has been and continues to be “counterforce,” the capability for U.S. forces to destroy an enemy’s military forces, its weapons, its command and control facilities and its key leaders.

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Russian Professor Predicts the USA Disintegrates

Posted by Kris Roman on March 10, 2009

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Lavrov Against Arms Race In Space

Posted by Kris Roman on March 9, 2009

lavrovRussia’s foreign minister said Saturday that an arms race in outer space is inadmissible and called on other world powers to unite efforts in countering missile threats.

“Prevention of an arms race in space will contribute to ensuring the predictability of the strategic situation and preserving the orbital property,” Sergei Lavrov told a disarmament conference in Geneva, adding that all states using space objects for civilian purposes should be interested in it.

Lavrov said that in February last year Russia and China submitted a draft international treaty on prevention of outer space weaponization.

“We plan, jointly with China, to submit to your consideration soon a document generalizing the results of discussions that have taken place at the conference and containing reaction to comments on the draft treaty. We hope the document will become a good help for future talks,” the Russian minister said.

Lavrov also voiced a proposal to unite the efforts of all countries who believe potential missile threats should be countered.

“In the spirit of strategic openness, we offer a constructive alternative to unilateral plans in this very important sphere – to unite the efforts of all states interested in countering potential missile threats,” he said.

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Will the USA relocate air base from Kyrgyzstan to Turkey or Georgia?

Posted by Kris Roman on March 8, 2009

The USA could have think of deployment the airbase withdrawing from Kyrgyzstan to one of the Caucasus republics, or to Turkey, more precisely, to Trabzon city, informed Turkish newspaper Hurriyet with reference to Pentagon. It should be noted that on February, 19 Kyrgyzstan’s parliament approved the government’s decision on denouncement the treaty with the USA and decided to withdraw the U.S. air base Manas.

Edition voice doubts that official Ankara will accept Washington’s proposal. “First of all, Turkey does not want to make Russia nervous. Secondly, as show the recent developments, Ankara unwillingly falls in Pentagon’s proposals. Therefore, probably the USA will be forced to look for a new place for its air base”, — it is said in the article. It should be noted that it is impossible to deploy air base in Armenia, as the country is a member of CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization). Azerbaijani leadership also declared many times with reference to the country’s Constitution, that it is impossibility to allocate a foreign air base in the territory of the country. By simple deduction it became ease to understand, about what Caucasian country is the question in the Turkish newspaper.

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US to urge Russia not to sell missiles to Iran: Clinton

Posted by Kris Roman on March 6, 2009



European Friends of Iran

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she would urge Russia to stop missile sales talks with Iran, during meetings in Geneva with her Russian counterpart.

She said she would “raise with Russia their continuing discussions with Iran about selling longer-range missiles, which we think are a threat to Russia as well as to Europe and neighbours in the region.”

Clinton meets Friday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a test of whether President Barack Obama’s new diplomacy can improve US-Russian ties, which were badly strained during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Russia has denied that it was preparing to deliver sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missiles to the Islamic republic, following reports it was about to supply the weapons to the US arch-foe.

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Russia to monitor US Arctic submarine exercises: report

Posted by Kris Roman on March 6, 2009

Russia’s navy will monitor submarine exercises by the US navy to be held under the Arctic Ocean later this month, a Russian navy spokesman told the RIA-Novosti state news agency on Thursday.

“Any activities by foreign submarines in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s maritime borders naturally require increased attention by the navy,” said the spokesman for Russia’s Pacific Fleet, based in the port of Vladivostok.

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Russia expecting new US missile defence proposals

Posted by Kris Roman on March 3, 2009

nato_russia_missiles-mapRussia is awaiting new proposals from the United States to resolve a dispute on missile defence that has chilled ties between the two Cold War ex-foes, President Dmitry Medvedev was quoted Sunday as saying.

Medvedev’s comments were among the most upbeat yet by Moscow on the chance of an improvement in ties under new US President Barack Obama after the missile defence row and Georgia war sent relations to a post-Soviet low.

Moscow has reacted furiously to plans by the former administration of George W. Bush to place missile defence facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic, saying the move was directly aimed against Russia.

“I am counting on the new US administration behaving on this question in a more creative and friendly way,” Medvedev said in an interview with Spanish media, the transcript of which was published on the Kremlin website.

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Russia set against extending START treaty: Lavrov

Posted by Kris Roman on March 3, 2009

lavrovMoscow is set against extending the key nuclear arms treaty that expires in 2009, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

“The limits set in the existing accord have all been met and exceeded, both we and the Americans have in reality far fewer (missiles) than the existing accord allows,” Lavrov said as quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency.

“So extending it further would mean sending a wrong signal that one can build arms now, and that is wrong,” Lavrov explained.

The Cold War-era Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed between the US and the Soviet Union expires in December 2009, and Washington and Moscow have been seeking to thrash out terms of a new accord.

The 1991 treaty limits the number of missiles and warheads that each side may have and is a cornerstone of Cold War strategic arms control.

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Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter

Posted by Kris Roman on March 2, 2009

European Friends of Iran


President Obama sent a secret letter to Russia’s president last month suggesting that he would back off deploying a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Moscow would help stop Iran from developing long-range weapons, American officials said Monday.

The letter to President Dmitri A. Medvedev was hand-delivered in Moscow by top administration officials three weeks ago. It said the United States would not need to proceed with the interceptor system, which has been vehemently opposed by Russia since it was proposed by the Bush administration, if Iran halted any efforts to build nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles.

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Russian bomber intercepted as Obama visited Canada

Posted by Kris Roman on February 27, 2009

tu-95-bomber-bear-bgThe Russian military on Friday confirmed that a heavy bomber carried out an air patrol near Canada earlier this month within 24 hours of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Ottawa. “There was a flight on February 18,” Vladimir Drik, an aide to the Russian chief of staff, was quoted as saying by the RIA Novosti news agency. “The Tupolev-160 (plane) fulfilled all its air patrol tasks, it was a planned flight,” he said. But he added that the crew acted solely within the limits of international air agreements and did not violate Canadian airspace. Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Canadian fighter jets were scrambled in response to a Russian bomber skirting Canada’s Arctic frontier last week. MacKay said the Russian aircraft did not enter Canadian airspace, but “within 24 hours” of Obama’s first foreign trip as president on February 19 two CF-18 fighter jets were dispatched to meet the Russian plane. “It was a strong coincidence which we met with… CF-18 fighter planes… (to) send a strong signal they should back off and stay out of our air space,” he said. An anonymous Russian government source, quoted by the Interfax and RIA Novosti news agencies, described Mackay’s comments as “incomprehensible.” “This was a scheduled flight… the plane did not enter the air space of any other country. “In light of that, the comments from the Canadian defence minister are baffling,” the source said.

Canadian fighter jets intercepted a Russian heavy bomber skirting Canada’s Arctic frontier within 24 hours of US President Barack Obama visit to Ottawa last week, officials said Friday.

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Swords and Shields: Cutting supply lines

Posted by Kris Roman on February 18, 2009

Despite Moscow’s assurances of support and cooperation in efforts to defeat the Taliban, Russia appears to be working hard to undermine NATO supply lines to the troops in Afghanistan.

The coalition forces have used part of Manas Air Base as a military airfield since December 2001. They have set up semi-permanent hangars, aircraft maintenance facilities and a cargo depot, as well as a tent city near the airport to host the troops.

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Russia to introduce defense sanctions against Eastern Europe

Posted by Kris Roman on February 13, 2009



mig-4Sergei Balmasov


Russia is ready to introduce sanctions against the countries of Eastern Europe which delivered arms to Georgia during the recent war in the Caucasus. The countries still have Soviet arms in their arsenals which require regular modernization and spare parts shipments. Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev entrusted the government with preparing a list of suggestions to cease the military cooperation with those countries that practice arms shipments with Georgia.


First and foremost, it goes about the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland. Just like the United States, Ukraine and Israel, they were providing weapons to Georgia before, during and after the war in August 2008. Now Russia is ready to scrap its military cooperation with them.

The Czech Republic stands out from all other nations of Eastern Europe at this point. This country provided Georgia with 175 tanks and armored vehicles, over 100 artillery units, 200 man-portable air defense systems, several L-39 planes and tons of ammunition. All of the above-mentioned weapons were made in the USSR, except for DANA self-propelled howitzers and Czech-made analogues of Soviet RM-70 systems.

Bulgaria also shipped tens of mortars, fire guns, ammunition and other weapons to Georgia. The armed forces of this country have Soviet armored vehicles, missile defense systems, as well as helicopters and aircraft. This weaponry requires regular technical servicing and may come out of order without technical inspections in only several years.

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Putin criticises foreign agencies’ downgrades

Posted by Kris Roman on February 12, 2009


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday challenged Western ratings agencies that have downgraded Russia’s debt, calling for the creation of Russian ratings firms that he said better understood its economy.

Less than a week after Fitch became the latest agency to slap a downgrade on Russia, Putin said that in the future all debt ratings agencies would be required to seek accreditation from the Russian finance ministry.


“We are interested in the emergence of strong domestic ratings agencies that are better equipped to study the specifics of the Russian markets in their estimates,” Putin told a Cabinet meeting.

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Missile defense system too expensive and inefficient for USA

Posted by Kris Roman on February 6, 2009

Senator Carl Levin confirmed the intention of the US administration to cut the defense spending of the Pentagon, but refused to specify the programs. However, as Levin said, he would like the missile defense program to be one of them. There is no real confirmation for the efficiency of the missile defense system, although the program has been very expensive for the United States, reports with reference to Defense News.


Iran, which can supposedly develop nuclear weapons, is a common problem for both the USA and Russia. The cooperation between the two superpowers can change not only Tehran’s intentions, but the balance of forces in the whole world, the US senator believes. Levin emphasized that Barack Obama’s administration supports the idea of this cooperation.

At the same time, Levin said, the USA currently considers several questions to cut certain shipbuilding and F-22 Raptor programs. On the other hand, The Future Combat Systems, which deals with the development of principally new kinds of weapons and military technology, is not going to be cut.

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Russia must offer the world a different ideology

Posted by Kris Roman on February 1, 2009

Stanislav Mishin

rusvag-klokAll great nations, in order to win their civilization battles for survival, must offer the world an ideological ideal of one sort or another. This has always been true and has raised many civilizations to immortal glory or infamy, depending on the success or failure of that ideology. Simply to “be”, to survive in this world, to hang on, will hamper any nation, as other more robust civilizations with a clear message pull away the youth and talent, cause havoc and unrest and eventually either absorb, decimate or force the emulation of the foreign creed.


This was always understood in Russia , from the ancient Muscovy state, through the Soviet Union , but this idea has been lost in modern Russia . It is understandable that those throwing off the yoke of the Soviet state wished to rid themselves of all things Soviet. However, national ideology was not a Soviet invention and dropping it has been very detrimental to Russian society and Russian interests abroad. For the majority of the past 17 years, Russian youth has Westernized, rejecting their own language, heritage and culture. Foreign and alien faiths, that have never been in Russia , have sprouted up like weeds. Russia ‘s citizens have fled the country, lacking anything to believe in and society as a whole has suffered. Abroad, former allies have lost hope and lost the guiding light, flocking to what appears the stronger message, the stronger civilization: Anglo-Marxism. Only recently have things started to inch back.

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Western world attacks Russia’s new Patriarch for his anti-Western remarks

Posted by Kris Roman on February 1, 2009

Sergei Balmasov


Foreign media outlets discuss the election of the new Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. Western journalists are not so much interested in the election per se as in the persona of the new patriarch. The foreign press tries to analyze both his previous statements and deeds and forecast his future steps and decisions. Opinions vary from groundless accusations to low-key praise.


There is nothing surprising about the fact that the anti-Russian media did not refuse from their typical orientation in the estimations of Russia’s new Patriarch. Some newspapers wrote that Metropolitan Kirill won the title owing to his close relations with the Russian administration: Kirill was often spotted in the company of Vladimir Putin, they wrote. The New York Times said that the battle for the throne of the patriarch was like a political struggle and that Russian glossy magazines provided celebrity-like reports about the candidates.

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New government in America – a triumph of Zoo democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kris Roman on January 27, 2009

by Vadim Belausov

Vice director of controll committe PZRK

American people have selected for themselves a new president. Very likable: black, lop-eared and he could even speaks English.

Why didn’t they choose a real crocodile from Florida, one could find plenty there. What the democracy is for – to have a freedom of choice. I recollect a rather curious case with emperor Caligula when he got his horse elected to the senate. From the democratic point of view nothing is wrong. So American democracy still has a long way to go!!!!!!

So there is a new trend  in the Admistration  – a “Zoological” one. And they are rather versatile expanding in that direction. HR department is headed by former Washington Zoo director – Outstanding!!! I really like it. Probably to reward the guy… Fantastic!!! But of course , he is the only one who could the find the  most distinguished for the highest ranking jobs in the country to stay in line with president and First lady. She hates white people so much that she  called us “Whitish”. Symptomatic – isn’t it?

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USA to aim its F-22 Raptors against Russia’s S-300 missile systems

Posted by Kris Roman on January 26, 2009

Sergei Balmasov

The USA is concerned about the Russian military threat. The US Congress asked President Obama to continue the purchase of F-22 Raptor fighter jets to guarantee the interests of the national security and the economy of the United States.


US congressmen believe that it will become a good response to the modernization of Russia’s powerful missile systems known as SA-20 – the export designation of S-300 and S-400 complexes. Military experts Alexander Khramchikhin, Vladislav Shurygin, Anatoly Tsyganok and Konstantin Sivkov gave their comments to in this connection.

It goes without saying that US congressmen exaggerate the “Russian threat.” The legendary S-400 system is not meant for export and cannot be found anywhere outside Russia. Furthermore, the Russian army has only two divisions armed with S-400 missile complexes, but the systems raise concerns with the United States anyway.

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Hillary Clinton to bring four years of war as Secretary of State

Posted by Kris Roman on January 20, 2009

Vladimir Anokhin

Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State will not change anything. The color of the skin does not change the essence of aggressive politics. She definitely enjoys great respect in the United States as a woman who returned to big politics after the infamous scandal with her husband. Unlike Condoleezza Rice, Clinton has a more subtle perception of the moment. She realizes that life is not based on the American dream but follows a completely different motto: “We either swim or drown.”

The USA and its new administration will have to resume cooperation with Russia in terms of nuclear security cooperation and the reduction of nuclear arms within the scope of the US-Russian START-1 Treaty. The statement was voiced by John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations.

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Russia claims US plans new bases for Central Asia

Posted by Kris Roman on December 17, 2008


Russia’s top military officer warned that Moscow felt threatened by U.S. policy in ex-Soviet Central Asia and claimed that Washington was attempting to establish new military bases there, news agencies reported Tuesday.

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the Russian military’s general staff, said Washington planned to establish a foothold in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Interfax and ITAR-Tass reported. U.S. officials denied there were plans.

Makarov also said U.S. support for bids by Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO made Russia feel threatened. He cast doubt that relations between the countries would improve under Barack Obama.
“According to our information, it (the U.S.) is planning to establish military bases in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan,” Makarov was quoted as saying. He did not elaborate.


“That’s news to me. I don’t think that’s true,” U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Tuesday.

The Kremlin welcomed initial U.S. deployments in Central Asia to support the war in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, but later grew impatient about the U.S. military presence in the strategic, energy-rich region as ties soured.

The U.S. set up bases in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is now the sole U.S. outpost in the volatile region, though U.S. forces are believed to have some access to an Uzbek base through a NATO arrangement.

Molly Stephenson, spokeswoman at the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan, said the U.S. had no plans to set up a permanent base. “Opening a base in Uzbekistan is not on the U.S. agenda,” she told AP. “No such request has been made.”

The U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan, Richard Hoagland, said last month there were no talks with Astana to move military material or personnel through Kazakhstan.

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Russia to take revenge on IMF’s dictatorship

Posted by Kris Roman on November 18, 2008


Russia begins to take revenge on the International Monetary Fund for its dictatorship on the post-Soviet space during the 1990s. Russia, an erstwhile active recipient of IMF’s loans, begins to credit the Fund. Moscow plans to spend about one billion dollars for the purpose until the end of the current year.

Russia’s participation in the endeavor to save world economies will not relieve the country of the need to execute international recommendations. Like other members of the recent G20 summit in Washington, the Russian Federation will have to toughen the financial regulation.

Speaking about the results of the G20 summit, Russia’s Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin said that the sides undertook to study the need of additional funding of the IMF, which continued to receive requests for stabilization loans since September 2008. The loans to Ukraine and Hungary have been already approved, whereas the loans for Belarus, Iceland and Bulgaria are still pending. It was said that Russia would give a billion-dollar loan to the IMF until the end of the year. The funds are to be used to provide emergency support for national economies.

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Russia’s Iskander best answer to U.S. missiles in Europe – analyst

Posted by Kris Roman on November 5, 2008


iskander2The placement of short-range tactical missiles near Poland would be the best response to U.S. missile plans for Europe, a Russian military analyst said on Wednesday.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday in his first state of the nation address to parliament that Russia would deploy short-range Iskander missile systems in its exclave of Kaliningrad “to neutralize if necessary the anti-ballistic missile system in Europe.”

“The deployment of Iskander missile systems with a range of 500 km (310 miles) [in the Kaliningrad region] would allow Russia to target the entire territory of Poland and also parts of Germany and the Czech Republic,” said Anatoly Tsyganok, head of the Moscow-based Military Forecast Center.

The Iskander-M tactical system is equipped with high-precision SS-26 Stone ‘quasiballistic’ missiles reportedly capable of carrying multiple conventional and nuclear warheads.

“We could have deployed either strategic bombers or silo-based ballistic missiles in response to the U.S. missile shield in Europe. However, Iskander is the best solution both from an economic and a military standpoint,” Tsyganok said.

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Russia`s Medvedev hits out at US

Posted by Kris Roman on November 5, 2008




The Age

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has blamed the United States for the world’s problems and announced new missile deployments in Europe, calling on incoming US counterpart Barack Obama to mend Washington’s ways.

Medvedev rounded on the United States for ills ranging from the global financial crisis to the recent war in Georgia, in a state-of-the-nation speech that was watched intently by his mentor Vladimir Putin, and omitted mentioning Obama by name.
“The economy of the United States dragged down with it into recession the financial markets of the whole planet,” Medvedev said. “This crisis took on a global character.”

Medvedev detailed a litany of complaints made in recent years against the United States, including enlargement of the NATO alliance and US support for Russia’s southern Caucasus foe Georgia.
“What we’ve had to deal with in the last few years – the construction of a global missile defence system, the encirclement of Russia by military blocs, unrestrained NATO enlargement … The impression is we are being tested to the limit,” he said.

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Pro-Kremlin youth group pickets U.S. embassy in Moscow

Posted by Kris Roman on November 3, 2008


Around 10,000 people stood outside the U.S. embassy in the pouring Moscow rain as part of a Halloween-themed protest organized by the pro-Kremlin Nashi youth group against U.S. foreign policy.

Peaceful demonstrators, some of them dressed in Halloween costumes, held Jack-o-lanterns with the names of people allegedly killed in U.S.-instigated attacks.

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U.S. imposes sanctions against Russian state arms exporter

Posted by Kris Roman on October 24, 2008


The U.S. has imposed sanctions against the Russian state-run arms exporter, Rosoboronexport, in connection with the alleged proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Sanctions were also imposed on the same grounds against Venezuela, China, North and South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Syria, as well as the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

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McCain camp blames Russian donation request on ‘computer error’

Posted by Kris Roman on October 21, 2008


John McCain’s campaign has taken a brief time out from pushing his case to be the next U.S. president to admit a mistake – sending a letter to Russia’s UN envoy soliciting donations.

Ambassador Vitaly Churkin received the letter last week, the UN mission said on Monday in a statement, which stressed that Russia did not finance any foreign political activity.

Brian Rogers, a spokesman for McCain’s election campaign, told the BBC the campaign had not itself received any complaints from the mission and that “it sounds like they’re having a little fun at our expense.”

“It’s just an error,” he was quoted as saying.

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Russia trains to fight NATO

Posted by Kris Roman on October 14, 2008

tu-160-blackjack-front-bgThe Stability-2008 strategic maneuvers of the Russian armed forces are gaining momentum. On Monday, Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H and Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers began training flights with full combat payloads and the live firing of cruise missiles at practice targets.

The Stability-2008 strategic exercise, which began Sept. 21 in Russian and Belarusian territory and at sea, is the largest since the Soviet era. Within the next month the armed forces will be practicing a wide variety of tasks, including containing armed conflicts and strategic deterrence. In total, the drill will feature tens of thousands of servicemen, thousands of vehicles, air and naval forces, space troops and strategic nuclear forces.

The exercise is remarkable not only for its scale but also its character. The Russian and Belarusian armed forces practice operations both in simulated local conflict and in full-scale warfare, involving aggressive fighting for air superiority, missile defense, naval warfare and strategic strikes.

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Russia seeks security pact

Posted by Kris Roman on October 9, 2008





America’s self-styled role as the world’s dominant power is undermining global security, the Russian President has claimed.

“A desire by the United States to consolidate its global domination led to it missing a historical chance… to build a truly democratic world order,” Dmitry Medvedev said of US actions since the attacks of 11 September 2001.

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New Russian answer for US missile shield

Posted by Kris Roman on September 27, 2008

Russia is testing an intercontinental ballistic missile RS 12 Topol, with capacity to pierce anti-missile shields.

It has been the reply to the long negotiation with Poland for the anti-missile shield. NATO cannot do anything to stop these Russian displays of power, neither can the European Union since they depend on Russia for gas and oil supplies. 

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U.S. Examined Beginning of War

Posted by Kris Roman on September 26, 2008

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives held hearings on the recent war in Georgia. During the debates high-ranking State Department and Pentagon officials actually admitted that it was Tbilisi that started the hostilities attacking South Ossetia. This said, Washington virtually acknowledged the chronology Russia regards real. However, it would be untimely for Moscow to triumph. American military and diplomats still consider Russia’s reaction “disproportionate” calling on to counter the Kremlin’s “imperial reach”. 

First the developments in the Caucasus were thrashed out in the Senate Standing Committee on Armed services. Eric S. Edelman, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (Department of Defense), and Daniel Fried, the Assistant Secretary at Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (Department of State) were invited to participate in the discussion. Mr Edelman’s address was the most surprising. “Although much is still unclear, it appears the Georgians conducted what they thought was a limited military operation with the political aim of restoring Georgian sovereignty over South Ossetia,” he told the Senators. “The Georgian leadership’s decision to employ force in the conflict zone was unwise. The use of artillery fire and multiple launched rockets into urban areas and into the proximity of Russian peacekeepers is lamentable, and we do not condone this activity.”

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Mikhail Gorbachev harshly criticizes Condoleezza Rice for her political rudeness

Posted by Kris Roman on September 22, 2008

The ex-president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, stated that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice should “use more caution in her call for the West to stand up against Russia, which she said has become “increasingly authoritarian at home and aggressive abroad.”


“I believe that the secretary of state should be more careful and should show greater calm and responsibility for her judgment in calling for the West to unite against Russia,” Gorbachev said through an interpreter at a press conference held before the Liberty Medal ceremony at the National Constitution Center, the AP reports.

The former Soviet leader commented on Ms. Rice’s remarks, in which she said that the Russian administration had infringed upon the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Georgia. Rice also described Russia’s operation in Georgia as a military occupation and urged Europe to join the United States in the endeavor to suppress Russia’s aggression.

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U.S. could use Georgia as bridgehead to attack Iran – Rogozin

Posted by Kris Roman on September 17, 2008


Georgia would be an ideal bridgehead for a U.S. invasion of Iran, Russia’s NATO envoy said Wednesday.

The United States and Israel have consistently refused to rule out the possibility of military action against Iran over its refusal to halt its uranium enrichment.

At a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian intelligence had obtained information indicating that the Georgian military infrastructure could be used for logistical support of U.S. troops if they launched an attack on Iran.

“This is another reason why Washington values Saakashvili’s regime so highly,” Rogozin said, adding that the United States had already started “active military preparations on Georgia’s territory” for an invasion of Iran.

“Georgia’s president is ready to make his nation a virtual hostage of a risky military gamble,” he said.

Iran has been in a prolonged diplomatic standoff with the West over the country’s nuclear program.

The Islamic Republic is currently under three sets of relatively mild UN Security Council sanctions for defying demands to halt uranium enrichment, which it says it needs purely for electricity generation despite Western accusations that the program is geared toward weapon production.

Tehran has stated that the United States and Israel lack the ability to attack Iran to try to destroy its nuclear installations, and promises a powerful retaliation to any act of aggression against the country.

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US has upset military balance with Russia: Lavrov

Posted by Kris Roman on September 14, 2008

The US decision to install a missile shield in Poland is a “very dangerous game,” which had upset the military balance between Washington and Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday. “Poland appears not to have understood that it has become a party to a very dangerous game,” Lavrov said in an interview to the Polska daily ahead of his visit to Warsaw on Thursday. “The balance between the military potential of Moscow and Washington has been upset by the United States,” he said. In Warsaw, Lavrov is expected to meet with Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk. It is the first visit by a senior Moscow official to an EU member nation since the outbreak of the Georgia crisis on August 8. Lavrov said Poland agreed to the US missile shield as “revenge” on Russia after Moscow’s military action in Georgia. “This means Poland took revenge on us for defending the Ossetians. This is rather small-minded behaviour as well as a political mistake,” Lavrov said. Warsaw and Washington signed a preliminary deal on August 14 to base part of a US missile shield in Poland, in the face of Moscow’s vehement opposition and mounting East-West tensions over Georgia. Washington plans to base 10 interceptor missiles in Poland plus a radar facility in the neighbouring Czech Republic by 2011-2013 to complete a system already in place in the United States, Greenland and Britain. The US insists the shield, endorsed by all 26 NATO member states earlier this year, is to fend off potential missile attacks by “rogue states”, notably Iran and is not aimed in any way against Russia. Moscow, however, regards it as a grave threat to its national security and on Wednesday threatened to target planned US missile shield sites in Europe. Head of Russia’s strategic missile forces General Nikolai Solovtsov, said if Washington sets up the planned installations in Central Europe, the Kremlin would ensure that Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal remained effective.

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Russia threatens to target US sites in Europe

Posted by Kris Roman on September 14, 2008

A top Russian general threatened Wednesday to target planned American missile shield sites in Poland and the Czech Republic with ballistic missiles amid icy US-Russia relations over Georgia.

General Nikolai Solovtsov, head of strategic missile forces, said if Washington pushes forward plans to build installations in Central Europe the Kremlin would act to ensure Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal remained effective.

“I can’t exclude that … the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic and other such objects could be chosen as designated targets for some of our inter-continental ballistic missiles,” he said, quoted by Interfax news agency.

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Lavrov accuses US of trying to encircle Russia with shield

Posted by Kris Roman on September 13, 2008

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States on Thursday of seeking to encircle Russia, and reiterated Moscow’s opposition to US plans to install a missile shield on Polish soil.

Lavrov accused Washington of preparing “not only a third, but also a fourth and fifth region in which to station (missile shield elements) and not just close to Russia’s European borders.”

“We’re asking these questions of our American partners,” he said.

Lavrov spoke during a visit to Poland, the first by a senior Russian leader to an EU member state since Russia’s war with Georgia in August and Poland’s agreement that same month to host part of the complex US missle shield system.

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Posted by Kris Roman on September 13, 2008

NATO Heaquaters, (Bd. Leopold III – 1110 Bruxelles), 15.00.

 Brussels. Mon., Sept, 15. 2008

Participants of the meeting assemble at the entrance of the European Parliament (Brussels, Metro Station “Schumann”, Schumann SquareWeststrat 175), 10.00 – 12.00


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A meeting to support the European and Russian sovereignty, organized by the representatives of the Russian Community in Belgium and a number of Belgian and Russian social organizations, is to take place Sept. 15, 2008 at14.00 PM, by the European Union Parliament in Brussels (Rue Wiertz/Wiertzstraat 60, B-1047).

Dmitry Rogozin, the official representative of the Russian Federation at NATO is to speak at the meeting. The meeting will also be attended by the representatives of the Serbian community of Brussels, for the Serbian people do know what is it like to have «the international peacemakers» «restoring the territorial integrity» of their country under the command of NATO. Occupation of the country, total loss of sovereignty and ruleless Hague trials at for the true heroes of the nation – this is what awaits those who allow the North Atlantic Organization to sway their country’s destiny.destiny.

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Washington may get a bad headache from its ABM system

Posted by Kris Roman on September 12, 2008


Nikita Petrov for RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has finished his visit to Warsaw. His talks with his Polish counterpart, Radislaw Sikorski, focused on the situation in the Caucasus and the planned deployment of ten U.S. antimissiles at Redzikowo, near Slupsk in northern Poland.

The Kremlin thinks the sole aim of the U.S. ballistic missile defense system in Europe is to undermine the counterstrike potential of the Russian strategic deterrence forces deployed in the Tver, Ivanovo, Saratov and Kaluga regions in central Russia. In fact, it will be a formidable threat to one-third of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force.

Lavrov did not hide the Kremlin’s concern.

“We don’t see any threats to Russia coming from Poland,” he said at a news conference after his talks with Sikorski. “But we cannot ignore the fact that an inalienable element of the U.S. strategic systems will be deployed close to our border. The [ballistic missile] facilities in Eastern Europe cannot have other targets than Russia’s strategic arsenal for years to come.”

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U.S. wants war : warplanes to patrol Baltic airspace from October

Posted by Kris Roman on September 10, 2008

The U.S. Air Force will patrol the airspace over the Baltic states from October, the Latvian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. A group of U.S. F-16 fighter jets will replace the current German planes on a rotation basis.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia reached an agreement with NATO on the lease of fighters to patrol their airspace in 2004. Patrols have since been conducted by Belgian, Spanish, Norwegian, German and Danish aircraft.

The patrols cost the poor Latvian taxpayers $4 million a year.

The Baltic States have virtually no fighter planes. They said earlier that they would be unable to acquire their own fighter planes before 2018. The Baltic skies are presently secured by the so-called NATO air police, which in addition to fighter planes also provide air defense systems and manpower.

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Gorbachev says NATO growth aimed at isolating Russia

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008


Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said that calls from the U.S. and other Western powers to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO are purely aimed at isolating Russia.

“Why does NATO need these countries? To fight against Iran? This is just ridiculous,” Gorbachev told Spanish agency EFE.

NATO refused at its summit in April to let Georgia and Ukraine into the Membership Action Plan, a key step for membership in the 26-nation alliance, but promised to review the decision in December. The countries had received strong U.S. backing for their bids.

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Lukashenko says Minsk, Moscow should respond to U.S. challenge

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday that Minsk and Moscow should respond to a “challenge” issued by NATO and the United States.

“NATO and the United States have challenged us, and whether we like it or not, we should respond to these challenges and threats,” said Lukashenko commenting on the August 20 agreement between Washington and Warsaw to deploy missile defense elements near the Belarusian border.

Lukashenko urged a “proportionate and appropriate” response and pledged that Minsk and Moscow “would do their best to ensure the security of Russian and Belarusian citizens.”


The Belarusian leader said Minsk had no choice but to maintain relations with the West, but cautioned that these ties would not be detrimental to cooperation with Russia.

“I said long ago that I would not trade friendship with Russia,” Lukashenko said, adding that Belarus would honor its commitments to Russia.

He dismissed as “unacceptable” the possibility of integrating Belarus into Russia.

“Neither Belarus, nor Russia needs that,” Lukashenko said. “Otherwise, Russia will simply lose a reliable ally and subject of international law.”

He seemed less enthusiastic when commenting on the Russia-Belarus Union, and said that the achievements by the two countries within the union could have been accomplished as part of bilateral agreements.

However, the Belarusian leader praised relations with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev and expressed hope that they would continue to progress further.

Lukashenko said he and Medvedev could hold two meetings later this year.

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Georgia conflict may have been provoked to aid U.S. presidential candidate – Putin

Posted by Kris Roman on August 29, 2008

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin prompted an angry reaction from Washington on Thursday after suggesting the Georgia conflict may have been provoked to give an advantage to “one of” the U.S. presidential candidates.

“If my guess is right, then it raises the suspicion that someone in the US deliberately created this conflict in order to worsen the situation and create an advantage… for one of the candidates for the post of president of the United States,” Putin said on CNN.

The White House dismissed the allegation as “patently false.”

“To suggest that the United States orchestrated this on behalf of a political candidate – it sounds not rational,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said.

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Russia accuses UN of double standards over Georgian regions

Posted by Kris Roman on August 29, 2008

RIA Novosti

Russia has accused the UN Security Council of having double standards over South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and of lacking understanding of the conflicts in the separatist Georgian regions.

“Abkhazia and South Ossetia have much stronger grounds for independence than Kosovo,” Russia’s envoy to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told an open session of the Security Council on Thursday.

The inconclusive discussions took place at the request of Tbilisi, which sought to address Russia’s recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Churkin said the deliberations could not be complete without hearing from representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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Russia not seeking new Cold War, but not afraid – Medvedev

Posted by Kris Roman on August 28, 2008

Russia does not want a new Cold War but is not afraid of one should it occur, the Russian president told the Russia Today international news channel on Tuesday.

President Dmitry Medvedev signed decrees on Tuesday recognizing Georgia’s breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states despite warnings by Western leaders against the move.

“We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a new Cold War, but we don’t want one, and in this situation everything depends on the position of our partners,” Medvedev said, adding that the West should understand why Moscow recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia’s sovereignty.

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Russia may hit USA very hard below the belt

Posted by Kris Roman on August 28, 2008

US leading experts analyzed punishing opportunities of both Russia and the West after the recent armed conflict in Georgia. Specialists came to conclusion that the list of potential Western sanctions pales in comparison with what Moscow could do in response. However, the US administration hopes that Russia will not resort to radical measures not to harm its own financial and security interests.

The US administration has issued yet another warning to Moscow recently claiming that Russia’s actions in Georgia would question the future of its WTO bid, as well as Russia’s position in the Group of Eight.

The list of Washington’s threats also includes the blocking of Russia’s membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the boycott of Russia’s hosting of Winter Olympics in 2014 and a freeze of US-Russian strategic dialogue.

US experts warn that the list of Moscow’s potential sanctions is a lot longer. Angela Stent, the director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Georgetown University, said that Moscow may respond at the UN Security Council, where it can put obstacles on the way of US intentions to punish Iran for its nuclear ambition. All anti-terrorist programs, the struggle against drug mafia, Syria, Venezuela and Hamas can be added on the list too. There are many questions, on which Russians may stop their cooperation with the USA, with the cooperation in the energy industry on top of that list, the expert believes.

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