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Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’ at G-8

Posted by Kris Roman on July 13, 2009

world_slaveryRussian President Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a “united future world currency.” This is exactly what the Bilderberg group want. (This is a secret organisation, building on dictatorial worldslavery described in Georges Orwell’s 1984)

“Here it is,” Medvedev told reporters today in L’Aquila, Italy, after a summit of the Group of Eight nations. “You can see it and touch it.”

The coin, which bears the words “unity in diversity,” was minted in Belgium and presented to the heads of G-8 delegations, Medvedev said.

The question of a supranational currency “concerns everyone now, even the mints,” Medvedev said. The test coin “means they’re getting ready. I think it’s a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are.”

Medvedev has repeatedly called for creating a mix of regional reserve currencies as part of the drive to address the global financial crisis, while questioning the U.S. dollar’s future as a global reserve currency. Russia’s proposals for the G-20 meeting in London in April included the creation of a supranational currency.

One Response to “Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’ at G-8”

  1. Tufan Oezge said

    The Russian President Mr.Medvedev made the best decision he can make,because he had no other choice.The Russian President must rescue the Russian Federation,China and other national members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) from the financial crisis other asian nations can join this new Monetary Bloc,Monetary Union or Customs Union like North/South-Korea the Korean
    Republic with the Chrome-Silver Korean Peninsula Flag and Japan,all asian nations can join this
    new Montary Bloc.The creation of this new asian currency is very important,the name of this new
    currency can be the ACOM or the ACMETAL,which was mentioned by the Kazakh President.The spirit
    is more important than the name of the currency UNITY IN DIVERSITY,this is the right slogan.
    This new currency must be introduced as quickly as possible,because the stability of Asia depends on it.I wrote this analogy earlier,there is the USA and the USA has a hostile and aggressive behaviour towards the asian nations,you can take for example the Japan War,Korean War,Vietnam War,Afghanistan War,Iraq War 1-3 under the pretext of Weapons of Massdestruction,
    the Georgian War the coming Iran War and the Korean War under the pretext of Weapons of Massdestruction and other wars with the help of the USA and the rest of the west.The USA is not strong as other nations think,the USA can be beaten with this new currency issue.The World Reserve Currency of today is the US-Dollar and this is the biggest mistake of the nations,which are dependent on the US-Dollar,but this mistake must not last forever,let the USA trade with their currency in their homeland and this would be the best solution.Why must the world depend on the US-Dollar,there is no reason to support this hostile currency,because the USA uses this
    dependency weakness of the nations to force his will and this will not continue in Asia and the rest of the world.As I mentioned the Asian nations of this new Monetary Bloc can trade with the
    UNASUR LATINO or SUCRE currency and the AFRICAN UNION AFRICOM currency and this Trade Strategy
    can continue for many years to come.The Russian Federation must also create a new Security
    Framework for Eastern Europe,you can call this new Security Framework for Eastern Europe
    ORGANIZATION (EESO),the SLAVIC-BALTIC-CAUCASIAN NATIONS will join this new Security Framework,
    because they were national members of the Warsaw Pact.The Russian President must make the
    announcement of this new Security Organization for Eastern Europe in the public Media and then
    the Russian Federation will have no problems with Anti-Missile Defense Shield (Missile Defense
    Installation in Poland and the Radar Installation in the Czech Republic) in Eastern Europe.
    As I mentioned in my announcements before,the Russian Federation and Iran share the same sea
    border and this is the Caspian Sea and ths Caspian Sea is Oil and Gas Rich and this is the reason,why the USA wants to destablize this region in political elections,like the elections
    in Iran and wants to continue to destabilze this region.It is time to kick out the USA and the
    US-Allies from Asia,because they make only problems.The Gouvernments of the Region must make a
    decision and must kick out the US-Military from Asia as quickly as possible.It is possible to
    kick out the US-Military with Force,but then the entire USA must be defeated with the entire
    Asian Force,this is possible if there is willingness to defeat the USA.The USA is the main
    Enemy of Asia,you can look into the past and you will come to a conclusion.The USA is a hostile
    Enemy,which can be defeated very quickly.You can take the USA from the Northern Hemnisphere,Southern Hemnisphere,Eastern Hemnisphere and the Western Hemnisphere.You can take down the West Coast and the East Coast of the USA with Nuclear Submarines and then you can make an invasion on the USA from Alaska (Bering Street) and from the South,the US-Borders are open.
    We can take down all the US-Cities in 30 days and then we can make the USA to the GLOBAL ALLIED
    ZONE it is up to the Canadian and the Mexican Leaders.We can build up the GLOABL ALLIED AXIS
    and this GLOBAL ALLIED AXIS will divide the USA into 3 pieces.The GLOBAL ALLIED AXIS will
    compromise the Russian Federation,Canada and Mexico.If Canada and Mexico refuse to take part
    in this Global Campaign,there are other nations,which want the USA.It is time to erase the USA
    from the Map and this is possible,because the USA is a young nation,the USA never fought a war
    against a continent and I am sure that we can defeat the USA in the next battle.
    The next battle will be fought on the US-Territory and then the USA can taste how it is to witness war on the own homefront.

    Tufan Özge

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