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Archive for July 2nd, 2009

ILS Proton Launches SIRIUS FM-5 Satellite

Posted by Kris Roman on July 2, 2009

ils-proton-launch-sirius-fm-5-satellite-bgILS Proton successfully launched the SIRIUS FM-5 satellite into geo-transfer orbit on July 1 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhsta

ILS International Launch Services (ILS) successfully carried the SIRIUS FM-5 satellite into orbit on an ILS Proton. This was the third commercial mission of the year for ILS and the fifth successful Proton launch of 2009. ILS has launched the entire SIRIUS three-satellite constellation beginning with the first launch in 2000.

The ILS Proton Breeze M launched from Pad 39 at the cosmodrome at 1:10 a.m. local time (3:10 p.m. EDT, 19:10 GMT). After a 9 hour 14 minute mission, the Breeze M successfully released the SIRIUS FM-5 satellite, weighing over 5.8 metric tons, into geo-transfer orbit. This was the 346th launch for the Proton. The Proton Breeze M vehicle is developed and built by Khrunichev Research and Production Space Center of Moscow, Russia’s premier space manufacturer.

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“US is Israel’s puppet government”

Posted by Kris Roman on July 2, 2009

The United States knows that it does not have an independent foreign policy in the Middle East, says economist Paul Craig Roberts, who calls it a puppet government of Israel when it comes to affairs in the region.

“The United States government is not prepared to call the Israelis accountable to international law. The United States government was obviously prepared to accept an act of piracy by the Israelis. And the United States protects Israel from the international community, from the United Nations. The United States, which talks about human rights, never delivers when it comes to the Middle East,” Roberts told RT.

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