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Crime and No Punishment

Posted by Kris Roman on May 27, 2009

On May 13, Interior Ministry employee Roman Zhirov, driving his powerful SUV, hit and killed a 34-year-old pregnant woman on a Moscow crosswalk. Pregnant woman are not particularly known for sprinting across pedestrian crossways out of nowhere and catching an approaching driver by surprise.

Zhirov pulled into the lane of oncoming traffic to pass a car that had stopped at the crosswalk to let the pregnant woman pass. After Zhirov struck the woman, he raced away, but eyewitnesses wrote down his license plate number. In the West, this would be classified as manslaughter and fleeing the crime scene. In Russia, the investigation was handed over to the same department where Zhirov worked. He was questioned briefly and released.

A scandal erupted 10 days later. The victim’s husband wrote that Zhirov was back at work as if nothing had happened. The scandal spread to the Internet, where a record number of posts finally spilled onto President Dmitry Medvedev’s personal blog. After that, the Interior Ministry reported that Zhirov had been arrested.

But this turned out to be false. Zhirov had not been arrested, but only dismissed for “committing an act bringing dishonor to the police force.”
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Russia alarmed over new EU pact

Posted by Kris Roman on May 22, 2009

EU-Russische top 2009Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned the European Union not to turn a proposed partnership with former Soviet countries against Moscow.

Mr Medvedev was speaking at the end of a Russia-EU summit held against a background of deep divisions over security, trade and energy supplies.

He also signalled a new gas crisis may lie ahead, suggesting Ukraine lacks the money to pay for gas Russia provides.

A row over prices severely affected supplies to Europe in January.

The BBC’s Richard Galpin in Moscow says divisions between Russia and the European Union seem to be growing ever wider, and this latest summit, held in the far east of Russia, made that abundantly clear, with little sign of progress on any significant topic.


EU gas import 2009“We would not want the Eastern Partnership to turn into partnership against Russia. There are various examples,” Mr Mevedev told a news conference at the end of the summit.

“I would simply not want this partnership to consolidate certain individual states, which are of an anti-Russian bent, with other European states,” he said.

Moscow has accused the 27-member bloc of creating new dividing lines in Europe by offering closer ties to six former Soviet republics.

The Eastern Partnership Initiative aims to forge close political and economic ties in exchange for democratic reforms.

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The cost of V-Day for Soviet Russia

Posted by Kris Roman on May 8, 2009

Most of the world marks the end of the Second World War on the 8th of May. But for Soviet Russia it ended the day after. In modern Russia, May 9th is still celebrated as a major national holiday.

For the Soviet Union, the war started with the German invasion on June 22, 1941. Germany wa able to go to war with the big help of Rothschildmoney.

The clash at the Eastern front between Germany and the Red Army has been labeled the Great Patriotic War. This term was first used in an article in one of the Soviet newspapers, and it still bares this name.

All in all, over 100 million military personnel participated and at least 70 million people died during the Second World War, most at the Eastern front in the period of four years … More people fought and died in the Great Patriotic War than in all other theatres of the Second World War combined.

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On the Great Patriotic War, historical truth, and our memory

Posted by Kris Roman on May 8, 2009

In his latest video blog, President Dmitry Medvedev addresses the nation prior to remembering WWII on Victory Day.

In the life of every one of us, there are holidays and memorable dates that have very special meaning. There are also cases when the line between personal and common interest is blurred – when personal matters become a wider concern and when community issues feel close and personal. The ninth of May, the Victory Day, is an example of just such a holiday. It is our common holiday, a day for every one of us, and a day for every Russian family. Naturally, everyone has his or her own attitude towards this holiday, mostly because of our close relatives, grandfathers and great grandfathers who fought and passed through the furnace of war.

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Russian warship frees eight Iranians from pirates

Posted by Kris Roman on May 4, 2009

The Iranian embassy in Moscow has said that a Russian warship has freed eight Iranian citizens who had been seized last week along with Somali pirates.

The Iranians had been held captive for almost three months by Somali pirates when the Russian destroyer Admiral Panteleyev captured the seized vessel with 29 suspected Somali pirates last week.

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