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Russia may “cover” the borders with Central Asian countries

Posted by Kris Roman on February 20, 2009


Establishment of full-fledged borders, first of all, with Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states should become an important countermeasure against drug mafia, declared Viktor Ivanov, the head of the Federal Drug Control Agency (FDCA). “The administrative legal regime of borders, trade and loads import to Russia are extremely washed out by international agreements and does not allow to organize an effective control over drug trafficking from Afghanistan”,- said, in particular, Ivanov while addressing the State Duma parliamentary session on February, 18, reports a REGNUM correspondent.

According to him, today borders are not a barrier to the drug couriers. “Any Central Asian country’s citizen can cross the borders practically unlimited times. It is determined by visa-free regime and legal possibility to use internal, but not foreign passport”, — added Ivanov.

“Aspiration to earn by selling heroine turns drug couriers into shuttle traders, passing our state border more that 100 times in a year. These opportunities are widely afforded by about fifty international, intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements, which, in fact, had devaluated the instruments of control ‘, — said Ivanov.

’At the moment, doctrine of transparency of borders as the bases of national development have  exhausted itself and is not only inadequate, but also disastrous for the country”, — assumed Ivanov.


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