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New government in America – a triumph of Zoo democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kris Roman on January 27, 2009

by Vadim Belausov

Vice director of controll committe PZRK

American people have selected for themselves a new president. Very likable: black, lop-eared and he could even speaks English.

Why didn’t they choose a real crocodile from Florida, one could find plenty there. What the democracy is for – to have a freedom of choice. I recollect a rather curious case with emperor Caligula when he got his horse elected to the senate. From the democratic point of view nothing is wrong. So American democracy still has a long way to go!!!!!!

So there is a new trend  in the Admistration  – a “Zoological” one. And they are rather versatile expanding in that direction. HR department is headed by former Washington Zoo director – Outstanding!!! I really like it. Probably to reward the guy… Fantastic!!! But of course , he is the only one who could the find the  most distinguished for the highest ranking jobs in the country to stay in line with president and First lady. She hates white people so much that she  called us “Whitish”. Symptomatic – isn’t it?

Any other time the Lord  may have mercy for  those Americans, but not this time.  There is a saying :  “Whom Lord wants to punish, that deprives He of reason”.  One could say that that guy in the White House is an 100% internal American situation – they like it that way. Okay. If anyone could show me the difference between the dumb Texas cowboy and the elected president – be my guest. But what has he done, the divine service, to commemorate the inauguration, were conducted by the female priest and a “Gay” Bishop. This  is something out of that world ,from the Christian point of view. By the way, have you, by any chance, dear reader ,heard any reaction from Vatican or smb? It was outrageous. It is a spite into the face of Christianity, forget about the trend. That satanic performance cannot be forgiven. One cannot abuse feeling of Christians all around the World. It’s obvious that one shouldn’t play with devil, nor anger the God – nothing of the two could go unpunished. My guess, it was done for the last time at Sodom and Gomorra.  So where are those cities now?

Conclusion – States are in big trouble . Something terrible can happen to USA in the near future. Moreover it should be forbidden to visit that country and Russian money should be taken out of the American economy. What is most important – our president should keep the nuclear case close – the newly gay blessed administration is unpredictable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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