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Jobless Muscovites must have privilege to migrants in employment – Moscow Mayor Luzhkov

Posted by Kris Roman on December 30, 2008



Muscovites who lost their jobs must be given privilege to migrants in employment in the municipal services, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov told the meeting of the municipal government on Tuesday.

“I will meet today with the head of the Migration Service and I will insist that the decision of the head of the Russian government to cut the quota for migrants by half be implemented,” Luzhkov said. “We must urgently take measures and alter the migration laws,” Luzhkov went on. “I will make him see how Muscovites react to this – they demand that the number of migrants be reduced and our workers take their places.”

“Jobs must be given first of all to those Muscovites who lost jobs in the real economy. We must employ them in the municipal network,” the Moscow mayor said. “For this purpose it is necessary to amend the migration laws. The number of quotas for migrants must be minimal. It must be large enough to meet the city’s needs, and must not exceed the requirements if by one person,” the mayor said.

As was stated at the meeting of the city centre for the migration policy, the quota for foreign workers in Moscow will be cut by half next year to approximately 190,000. The quota for labour migrants in Moscow in 2008 was approximately 380,000 from countries with the visa and non-visa regimes.


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