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Former Yukos vice-president released on 50 million ruble bail

Posted by Kris Roman on December 30, 2008

Former Yukos Vice-President Vasily Aleksanian has been released on a bail of 50 million rubles, lawyer Yelena Lvova told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

“The bail was paid, and guards withdrew from the Moscow hospital room of Aleksanian this evening,” she said.

The Moscow City Court said that Aleksanian could be released on bail on December 8. Aleksanian had been staying at a Moscow hospital. His condition is extremely serious.

Prosecutors charged him with embezzlement of Tomskneft property and shares with the total value of 12 billion rubles and money laundering. He pleaded not guilty.

A new charge of tax evasion was brought in July 2006.

This February the Moscow Simonovsky District Court suspended the trial because of the exacerbated health of Aleksanian. Doctors said he had AIDS-related lymphoma.


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