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Russian sailor dies in Ukraine’s Crimea after attack

Posted by Kris Roman on October 24, 2008

A Russian Black Sea Fleet serviceman, who had been in a coma after being attacked near Sevastopol, on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, last week, has died in hospital, a health official said on Friday. “The Black Sea Fleet serviceman, who was brutally beaten while returning home, has died in hospital,” the source said.

The official said the 28-year-old sailor, known only as Igor, died on Tuesday night, adding that no information had been released on the attack because local authorities wanted to keep the incident from the media.

The attack occurred when the sailor asked three men, who were drinking outside his home, to be quiet. “However, the men responded aggressively by beating him to death,” a local police source said. The victim managed to make it back to his flat where he lost consciousness. His wife found her husband, in a critical state, the next morning.

In Flanders are living Ukrainian nationalists who killed Russians in Donetsk,  etc … and who are now infiltrating Russian patriottic movements.


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