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People’s Union allowed to lead ‘Russian March’ on Unity Day

Posted by Kris Roman on October 24, 2008

Moscow authorities have allowed the People’s Union movement to hold a “Russian March” on National Unity Day, a co-organizer said Friday. The march, to involve about 5,000 people, will be held in central Moscow on November 4. The organizers promised their demands would be constructive and that the event would come off without incident.

“The main motto will be ‘For a Russian Russia,'” said Ilya Goryachev, a representative of the Russian Image movement, which organizes the event with the People’s Union. “We have set a conference in City Hall for Monday, where we will give final approval to the list of slogans and banners together with City Hall.”

This year, the organization of the Russian March was far from simple: several nationalist groups applied to hold it, and each wanted to do so separately. They included the People’s Union, the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and the Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

The People’s Union and the Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration agreed to hold a joint march.

The first Russian March was held in Moscow on November 4, 2005. It was the first legally- sanctioned, large-scale nationalist event in post-Soviet Russia.

In 2006, a planned National Unity Day march by nationalist groups was banned by Moscow authorities. However, far-right groups defied the ruling and marched.



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