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Russia to sell over 400 armored vehicles to Greece

Posted by Kris Roman on October 6, 2008


Russia and Greece are drafting an intergovernmental agreement and a contract for the supply of 420 BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles, a spokesman for Russia’s arms export monopoly, said on Monday.

The Rosoboronexport spokesman said that in early 2008 the Greek Defense Ministry had made an official request for the delivery of the armored vehicles from Russia, the second-largest arms exporter in the world.

“Preparations for signing a corresponding intergovernmental agreement and contract are currently underway,” he said.

He also said that the BMP-3M will be showcased at the Defendory International 2008 arms show due to take place in Athens, Greece, from October 7-11.

The BMP-3M is one of the most heavily armed infantry fighting vehicles in service. It has been exported to nearly a dozen countries with the United Arab Emirates having around 600 operational vehicles in service.

Russia exports arms to about 80 countries. Among the key buyers of Russian-made weaponry are China, India, Algeria, Venezuela, Iran, Malaysia, and Serbia. The country has doubled its annual arms exports since 2000 to $7 billion last year.

The U.S., which is the world’s top arms exporter, has repeatedly imposed sanctions on Rosoboronexport and other Russian companies, including over the sale of TOR-M1 air defense systems to Iran, despite the fact that the deals were in line with international agreements.


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